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Having to make a short-notice trip to the dentist can be a stressful experience for anyone. The caring staff at Rojas Family Dental will go above and beyond to prove extraordinary service during this troubling time.

Emergency Dentistry in Minneapolis, MN

When a person thinks of a dental visit, they usually imagine that it is something they will plan in advance. But a sudden oral health problem can result in a person needing to make a visit as soon as possible. If you ever experience a dental emergency, then you can count on Rojas Family Dental to be on your side every step of the way. We understand how important it is for your teeth to look and function like normal, and we want you to know that providing you with quick and effective service is always our top priority. The dedicated staff at Rojas Family Dental is absolutely committed to making our practice your go-to location for emergency dentistry in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The first worry that a person often experiences when they suffer from a dental emergency is whether or not they will be able to get a prompt appointment. Rojas Family Dental does its very best to accommodate patients during these difficult circumstances.

Dental emergencies come with a wide variety of different circumstances. A very common dental emergency is for a patient to suffer from an injury that leaves a tooth chipped or cracked. Our team will work to restore their appearance so that they can get back to enjoying their beautiful smile. Another scenario is for a person to suffer from sudden tooth pain that occurs for seemingly no reason. We will assess the problem and make a proper recommendation for treatment to overcome the issue as quickly as possible.

A patient may also find that a restoration has failed or come loose. If that happens, we will make the necessary repairs so that the patient can once again use their teeth normally.

It doesn’t matter whether your dental emergency is functional, cosmetic or a combination. You can always expect the best service and treatment at Rojas Family Dental.

Dr. Berkseth-Rojas truly enjoys all aspects of dentistry.

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