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Patients can turn to Rojas Family Dental for top-quality and effective root canal treatment. A tooth with an interior infection can still be saved if proper action is taken quickly.

Root Canal Treatment in Minneapolis, MN

Root canal treatment, also known as endodontic therapy, is performed when a bacterial infection develops inside a tooth. Each tooth has a soft inner material known as the pulp. This material is actually very delicate and vulnerable, but it is normally protected by the tough enamel exterior. Unfortunately, a deep cavity or oral injury can allow harmful matter to make its way past the enamel exterior and manifest itself in a tooth’s inner structure. This can lead to an infected root canal and serious dental consequences. Once this happens, root canal treatment becomes the only way to save the tooth from otherwise certain extraction. Root canal treatment represents one of our specialties at Rojas Family Dental. We are proud to provide gentle, effective root canal treatment in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

When a person is suffering from an infected root canal, they will almost certainly know that something is wrong with their tooth. The individual will most likely be experiencing severe pain, and chewing food properly can become nearly impossible. Our experts can confirm an infected root canal by taking digital X-rays. These X-rays will also allow us to recognize the true extent of the damage and determine how much of the tooth’s inner structure needs to be replaced. If the patient is indeed diagnosed with a root canal infection, we will proceed forward with the corresponding treatment. Successful root canal therapy will restore the tooth’s appearance and allow the patient to once again use the tooth normally.

Some of the signs of an infected root canal include:

  • Intense and recurring toothache
  • Significant temperature sensitivities
  • Tender and swollen lymph nodes
  • Reoccurring gum abscesses

Root canal treatment has a remarkably high success rate. The process starts with our experts using dental equipment to access the tooth’s inner structure from the top. Once inside, we remove the harmful material that is eating away at the tooth and destroying the root canal. This will require hollowing out the tooth and leaving a major void. We then need to use an antimicrobial liquid to flush out the tooth and its root canal all the way down the jawbone. This is very important for killing off any bacterial presence that still remains.

The next step involves restoring the tooth’s appearance and strength. We apply a medicated filling substance to repair the hollowed out structure and help it remain intact. The substance will be allowed to harden so that the tooth takes proper shape. However, the tooth will still be vulnerable at this stage. A dental crown will need to be applied over the tooth to prevent any fractures or breakages. We will only be able to apply a temporary crown during the root canal procedure. The patient will need to return for a follow-up visit to receive a permanent, custom-made dental crown. Once treatment is complete, the patient should have no problem using their restored tooth normally.

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