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Rojas Family Dental offers a complete lineup of general dentistry services to meet all of your oral care needs. Our dedicated staff is here to help you achieve excellent oral health.

General Dentistry in Minneapolis, MN

When looking for dental care for your family, you want a practice that is convenient, affordable, comfortable and inviting. You want caring and experienced experts who will help you every step of the way. You can find all that and more at Rojas Family Dental. We are committed to providing you with straightforward and quality dental care that you can count on. Our dedicated staff is here to work with you and help you set up appointments that fit your schedule. We make things easy so that you don’t have to worry or become stressed. All you have to do is focus on improving your dental health. Rojas Family Dental provides top-quality general dentistry in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

We know that our patients live very busy lives, and we work hard to offer appointment slots that suit their needs. For your convenience, we offer weekend appointments. We also offer emergency dentistry services if you ever require treatment on short notice. Our treatments are also made as affordable as possible, and we have an in-house dental wellness program. Our staff members speak both English and Spanish for your convenience. We have Spanish speaking team members available for everything from scheduling and help with paperwork to actual dental care and treatment.

When you visit Rojas Family Dental, you are sure to enjoy a comfortable and relaxing environment. We have a beverage bar in our lobby so that you can enjoy a refreshing drink while you wait for your appointment. Once we are ready, we can provide pillows and blankets and warm, scented towels upon request for comfort. Our staff also has extensive experience working with elderly and special needs patients, and we encourage our patients to make any special requests if needed.

We offer the following general dentistry treatments and services:

  • Crown & Bridges

    Crowns and bridges can restore severely damaged teeth and replace teeth that have been lost entirely. Each restoration is custom-built to provide the most effective results. We offer crowns and bridges built from porcelain, a material known for its natural look and exceptional performance.
  • Mouth Guards:

    Playing a contact sport can be highly rewarding and fun, but it comes with its own risks. Our protective mouth guards will protect your teeth and oral structures whenever you compete so that you can focus on winning the game. We also offer night guards for the treatment of bruxism.
  • Regular Checkups:

    Regular dental checkups represent a major component of maintaining positive oral health. Patients should make these visits at least once every six months for our experts to maintain proper records. Each regular checkup includes a professional cleaning, a full examination, digital X-rays and an oral cancer screening.
  • Tooth-Colored Fillings:

    Cavities and other mild dental damage or decay are frequent occurrences. These problems can normally be easily overcome with tooth-colored fillings. Our fillings add to the overall strength of teeth and help prevent further damage from occurring. We offer both amalgam and composite filling options.
Dr. Berkseth-Rojas truly enjoys all aspects of dentistry.

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