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Losing or damaging a tooth is only a small roadblock in the path to positive oral health. Our top-quality crowns and bridges can help you overcome these issues so that you can achieve a beautiful smile.

Crown & Bridges in Minneapolis, MN

It is very important to receive a quality restoration whenever teeth are lost or severely damaged. You need your teeth for routine tasks like chewing a speaking. Plus, a noticeable gap looks unsightly and can ruin your appearance. Our crowns and bridges look and function like natural teeth, and they are perfect for restoring many types of damage.

Crowns and bridges are custom-made to blend in perfectly with the patient’s existing teeth. Using impressions made from your teeth, we prepare high-quality and effective restorations. Any patient who receives a crown or bridge can expect to make at least two visits to our practice. The first visit involves taking the impressions, while the second visit involves applying the custom restoration.

Our crowns and bridges are built in a state-of-the-art dental laboratory using the best materials available. We offer options for porcelain crowns and bridges. Porcelain is one of the finest materials available for dental treatments, and it excels in both function and appearance. Each crown and bridge is applied securely with great care so that it will stay secure for many years to come.


A dental crown can either restore a damaged tooth or replace a lost one. When restoring a damaged tooth, the crown will “cap” the existing structure and provide a new chewing surface. If the crown is replacing a lost tooth, then the restoration will be installed on top of a dental implant and serve as the new tooth. Some crowns may also be used as abutments to help provide extra support for dental bridges. Our crowns are constructed from high-end materials that offer both impressive appearance and function. Patients who receive our crowns normally find that they have no trouble chewing tough foods and that others will not recognize that their tooth was ever lost or damaged.


Bridges are provided when patients lose one or more teeth. Each bridge consists of multiple parts, with each component doing its part to provide an effective replacement. The center consists of one or more replacement teeth that are carefully crafted to resemble natural teeth. These teeth are kept in place using a supporting structure, which typically consists of precision metal clasps and abutment crowns. Bridges can be permanently fixed or easily removable depending upon the patient’s needs. Our oral care specialists are pleased to discuss the different bridge options we have available and help patients select restorations that work for them.

Dr. Berkseth-Rojas truly enjoys all aspects of dentistry.

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