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The risk of serious oral injury is something that every athlete has to deal with. Rojas Family Dental can help minimize this risk with our top-quality and comfortable mouth guards.

Mouth Guards in Minneapolis, MN

Major oral injuries affect athletes of all ages and skill levels. They are usually the result of leaving the teeth and oral structures unprotected during practice or competition. An unfortunate reality of athletics is that just one hard hit or heavy blow can lead to a serious injury and a lifetime or oral health problems. Whether you’re a professional or you just play for fun, it isn’t worth the risk. We strongly encourage all athletes to wear protective mouth guards to keep their teeth and oral structures safe whenever they compete or practice. This is very important for any athlete who wants to maintain long-term oral health. Remember, oral injuries can affect any athlete at any time, including those who play casually.

At Rojas Family Dental we provide state-of-the-art athletic mouth guards for both children and adults. Our mouth guards are lightweight and built from high-end materials to ensure maximum protection and comfort. They do not interfere with the user’s breathing or speaking, and they cause little-to-no distraction. This allows the wearer to focus on the game, while also knowing that their teeth are protected. For top-notch best mouth guards in Minneapolis, Minnesota, you can count on Rojas Family Dental.

Some of the problems and issues that can be prevented using mouth guards include:

  • Damaged and lost teeth
  • Major lacerations and severe cuts
  • Concussions and other trauma
  • Tooth fractures and breakages
  • Cosmetic chips

Each of our mouth guards is custom-made. A patient will need to make at least two visits to our practice in order to receive one. The first visit involves taking the impressions. We will then forward these impressions to a dental lab so that the custom mouth guard can be built. The patient can return for a follow-up visit once their new mouth guard is ready. Our experts will make sure it fits properly and does not cause any issue for the user.

Night Guards

Rojas Family Dental also offers night guards for the treatment of bruxism. This is a condition in which a person will excessively grind and clench their teeth while sleeping. A properly fitted night guard can go a long way towards preventing damage caused by this uncontrolled movement. Some of the problems prevented by using night guards include damaged teeth, jaw discomfort, tension headaches and more. Just like our athletic mouth guards, our night guards are custom-fitted to provide superior protection and comfort. Patients who use them also often report that their sleeping habits improve dramatically.

Dr. Berkseth-Rojas truly enjoys all aspects of dentistry.

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